Kyoto Box

In 2009 the Financial Times Climate Challenge Award was won by John Bohmer, a norwegian inventor, for his solar cooker that can provide free energy for cooking, baking, cleaning water and drying foods.

At the same time, it reduces many severe problems that are common in developing countries, such as indoor smoke inhalation, fire hazard and spinal injury from gathering firewood. It also reduces deforestation, lowers cost of energy and reduces household CO2 emissions.

BRANDesign was commisssioned to design the infographics that would allow users to construct the inner and outer boxes and prepare the device for use.

As the Kyoto Box was to be produced in one 'flat-pack' form and delivered to many countries, language was an issue, so the infographics were required to tell the story without words. They also had to be concise enough to be printed on the lid of the device to negate the need for separate instruction sheets.