About BRANDesign

BRANDesign was formed to bridge the gap between two increasingly polarised segments of the design industry: Large multi-national design firms with tiered management structures, that are often expensive, impersonal and slow to react – and small oganisations unable to guarantee supply of high-calibre results within budget and deadline.

Most importantly, BRANDesign is founded on a results-oriented model that gauges its success by the success of its customers.

We are a group of highly motivated individuals employing best-practice procedures in an open, collaborative and creative environment, with a diverse range of strengths and skills that span virtually every media channel.

This collaborative structure helps ensure personal attention at all levels. Rather than dealing with account executives and multiple levels of management, our clients get to liaise directly with the creative team ultimately responsible for their marketing initiatives.

At BRANDesign we are acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities.


Our studio features extensive natural lighting with efficient climate control measures, equipment uses power saving modes and is turned off at night, we recommend 100% recycled stock for all print initiatives and any paper or packaging that comes in from external sources is recycled.